Business English is a specific form of English that is mainly used for international trade, commerce, and finance. As such, Business English is the kind of English specifically used for business meetings, sales pitch, negotiations, closing business deals, correspondence, business reports, executive summaries etc. It basically focuses on communication in business-related situations.
Business English lessons are targeted for people with office jobs. In this program, you will understand important Business English expressions as well as effective phrases for presentations, appointments, discussions, telephone calls, job interviews, text letters, e-mails, and much more! Additionally, you will enhance your vocabulary related to domains like finance, personal computers, authorized English, healthcare, artwork, style and so on.
This course is for the people who need to communicate effectively and fluently in English at their workplace. Our Business English course is tailor-made to your specific needs for using in the context of your business. To help you enhance your Business English, we guide you how you can handle yourself in different workplace situations right from making presentations to communicating with your seniors and co-workers and writing professional E-mails.

  • Use of punctuation
  • Spelling and grammar
  • Writing Business letters
  • Writing Reports
  • Writing corporate E-mails
  • Conducting meetings and much more
  • Answering customer inquiries

English is the global language of business. The use of Business English is more pervasive in sectors like computer/IT, science, technology, engineering, medicine and law. If someone wishes to be more successful in the above careers on an international level, having a good grip over Business English can be a very big plus point.
For a company that is preparing to diversify its business internationally, the results of not having business executives proficient in Business English can be detrimental. This situation can possibly result in communication failure, credibility loss, poor results in negotiations and an overall inability to carry out international business in a proper way. Therefore, to prosper in a global market, companies and their employees need to adopt the corporate culture.

Our course is designed to teach you to communicate effectively in English in professional contexts. Unless you practice, business English will sound like a totally different language from normal English. It doesn’t sound like the casual speech you hear in television shows, YouTube channels and movies. You probably know some friends or acquaintances who are great at using business English. They can read or write reports and at least get the gist (general meaning) of what they hear in meetings. They just have to work a lot to improve their everyday vocabulary. After all, there’s just so much to learn! But fear not, we are here to provide you the assistance that you need.