Professional preparation for your job interview

Lack of preparation is the biggest, most common mistake made by job seekers when going for a job interview. Interviewing, and presenting yourself well in an interview is a skill; which is good news because preparation and practice will improve your skill level.

There is no one "best" way to prepare for a job interview. However, there are a number of important strategies you can utilise to ensure you enhance your chances of coming through your interview with flying colours. One of the critical issues in preparing for your job interview is to understand the interview process. Identify a set of questions which you are likely to be asked and prepare great answers to all of them, also prepare a good set of questions which you can ask the interviewer. Remember the interview is your best chance to make a great impression. Your initial preparation should include research about the organisation and the position you have applied for.

Total duration of course: 13 weeks

INPIN-01 Fundamental Basic English speaking skills 4 weeks
INPIN-02 Intermediary One or two interview exposures 4 weeks
INPIN-03 Advanced High profile organization interview exposure 3 weeks
INPIN-04 Expert Excellent interview skills
Needs polishing and practice 2 weeks

In our course you will:

  • Learn to identify what the interviewer will be looking for in your job interview
  • Understand the typical types of interviews such as screening interview, telephone interview, panel/group interview, behaviourally based interview, case interviews, situational interview and technical interview.
  • Learn to prepare a good resume for the interview
  • Learn method to clear telephonic round easily 
  • Get useful tips for answering tough interview questions
  • Learn to convince the panel that you are the right person for the job.
  • Understand what you should ask your interviewer
  • Tips and Rules To Deal With Questions About Salary – How To Negotiate A Higher Salary
  • Discover how to effectively close your job interview
  • Learn how to dress up as a professional for an interview.

Preparation for an Interview to Study Abroad


Apart from clearing the exams like IELTS, PTE, TOEFL etc, in some institutions interviews are conducted as a part of the admission procedure. Moreover, interview preparation is essential in embassy for getting visa of some countries. Imigo is esteemed to be an ultimate guide for such students who are looking for a job or admission in a college or university abroad. With the help of our interactive methods and strategies it becomes easier for the aspirant to crack the interview successfully. As a part of the course curriculum, group discussions and mock interviews are conducted to bring up the confidence among students who are going to appear for the interview.


Total duration of the course: 9 weeks
  • Fundamental Basic English speaking skills 2 weeks
  • INPAB-02 Intermediary One or two interview exposures (general) 2 weeks
  • INPAB-03 Advanced Embassy interview exposure 3 weeks
  • INPAB-04 Expert Excellent interview skills
  • Needs polishing and practice 2 weeks
In this course you will learn:
  • How to dress up for an interview
  • How to be concise and confident while introducing yourself
  • How to handle tricky questions
  • How to prepare in advance about the course you are planning to take up and your career plans.
  • How to express your bonding towards your home country
  • How to maintain a positive attitude and control over your language during the interview.
  • How to handle rejection and remain optimistic.

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